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Right Voice for You 3-Day Class in Rome with Junaline- October 28 to 30

Would you like to play bigger? To get your ideas into the world? To claim your voice? To be more present and vulnerable with others? To have confidence and ease on a stage, in a boardroom or even in family conversation? 

Right Voice For You™ is a workshop like no other, inviting participants to let go of their past stories and definitions of themselves, and to show up in public (and on stage) in a dynamic, present, and powerful new way.

Using the tools of Access Consciousness, participants learn how to lower their barriers, receive from their audience, step into their potency, think on their feet and generally get out of their own way.

This class is a full 3-day interactive intensive in which participants will learn to:

  • Master energy flows
  • Identify and change the obstacles that may be holding you back in your life
  • Banish stage fright and performance anxiety
  • Be totally comfortable being YOU in front of an audience of any size
  • Increase your charisma, confidence and personal magnetism
  • Adopt the beliefs, identity and attitudes of masterful speakers and performers 
  • Become the natural storyteller you truly be 
  • Quiet your mind to be totally in the present and spontaneous in your performance (and life!)
  • Walk and move in a way which will open doors for you in the world.
  • Learn to be "direct without force" and watch your life become easy!

This 3-Day Right Voice For You Intensive invites you to step into your gifts, talents, abilities and to truly show up dynamically in front of others

When: October 28-30, 2022


Friday October 28: 4:30 pm -10:30 pm 

Saturday October 29 and Sunday October 30: 9:30 am - 5:30 pm


Primo Piano Lab
via Illiria, 17
Rome, Italy


Class fee: 1,300 Euros

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Meet Your Facilitator

Junaline Bañez-Moussi has a unique & expansive perspective on the challenges of living, business, and relationships. A true seeker, Junaline’s quest to create a greater relationship with herself led her to empowerment coaching and inspiring others to live the adventure of their choosing. Junaline is an Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator, Right Voice for You™ Facilitator, Talk To The Entities® Facilitator, Access Body Facilitator, Energy Healer, Author and Empowerment Coach and she conducts workshops for change, growth and inspiration worldwide. She is also known and sought after for her fun, joyful, potent and transformative classes and sessions that totally empower and inspire you.