$350.00 USD

Are you requesting an in-person home and space clearing session?  If yes, an additional fee of 25 USD will be charged to cover travel costs.

Home and Space Clearing Session

Entity Clearing for Houses, Buildings and Land

The Home and Space Clearing session clears all entities and energies that make a house, building or land funky and stuck. I will be using powerful Access Consciousness® tools and processes that will ‘un-haunt’ any house and clear any space! You will be amazed by the ease and space that you will experience after this session.

In-person or online. 

For in-person home and space clearing, I will come and visit your space!

Session duration: 45 minutes

Your investment: USD 350

Please note that a fee of USD 25 will be added for in-person sessions to cover travel costs (please select this option before completing your purchase, if paying via this checkout page). 

You will receive an email with details on how to schedule the session after payment, please check your inbox or email: [email protected]

For in-person sessions: please provide your address and phone number when making the booking. 

Are you a resident of Lebanon   or Syria  ?

If yes, please contact me via email: [email protected] or

WhatsApp: +961 70 126 053 for special country pricing and payment options.