Dating For Expats

The Fab, Hot & Single Woman’s Handbook To Finding Love

Are you going crazy with being single and not meeting a committed partner?
Frustrated with the lack of choices for a committed relationship?
Are you frustrated by the lack of committed men in the country that you’re in?

With this book, you won’t go crazy looking for ‘the one’ anymore. You will become aware, confident and empowered to choose the right relationship for you! Author, LifeInspired Coach and an expatriate woman herself, Junaline Bañez-Moussi was single for a very long time living in different countries before she married the love of her life and to get there, she discovered some secrets on how to call in your “enjoyable other”.

In this book, you will:

  • See how being a single expat woman can work to your advantage
  • Discover ways on what to look for in a relationship
  • Know what to do to win the inner dating game
  • Discover what’s stopping you from getting a committed relationship
  • Find ways on how to go from romance, to dating and finally to commitment
  • Know what a true relationship that works for you and learn how to succeed in it

This book is Eat Pray Love meets Return to Love! Get your copy now and get started on the journey to a long-lasting committed relationship!

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"Dating for Expats is an international gal’s best friend/ relationship therapist on the road. The clarity that the author inspires and guides us to create within ourselves is the secret to a successful love match. Junaline is a practical magical cupid that shoots the arrow straight to the heart of true love and a long lasting, fulfilling, joyful relationship. The energy infused into these wise words and stories is on another level ~ and I appreciate her background and use of Access Consciousness® to help me clear internal psychological and energetic blocks within myself through the practices suggested in her process. Consider this a quantum high vibe love guide from a fun and adventurous woman, walking her talk and living her best life."