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Hi I’m Junaline! 

I was always a seeker - seeking knowledge and healing on what would make me a better person, a better teacher, a better coach. A “better” person - notice that the word is ‘better’ because I always thought there was something wrong, or I wasn’t good enough or that I’m mediocre and I could always get better. 

I was seeking ways to heal my mind, my body and my spirit. I wanted to get rid of my judgments of myself and of others. I wanted to get rid of the monkey mind - busy thinking and analysing me, my life and everyone and everyone else’s. 

I wanted to be awake, not asleep in this life. I also wanted to work on overcoming my addictions: smoking, alcohol, sex and most importantly self-judgment (especially my body).  

I was insecure. I would always ask for approval or validation from someone or a thing (particularly, a ‘relationship’). I was also shy and not very expressive of my thoughts and feelings to people. I internalized everything and analyzed everything.

I was also prone to depression or taking on everybody’s thoughts, feelings and emotions.I also had addictive and obsessive-compulsive behaviors, using nicotine, alcohol, sex and food to band-aid these behaviours. I judged myself a lot, for not being good enough to attract my ‘soulmate’, for not being business savvy, for my body being a certain way. I had a lot of insecurities and judgments about myself.

I sought self-help books, yoga, meditation, different personal development techniques, mind-body modalities and even life coaching. I became increasingly interested in energy healing and energy work as I discovered that I am more than my body. That everything is energy. 

My life experience has been good guiding lights, whether they’re good nor bad. They’re all different and occurred at different stages of my life. Going through them by living them made me stronger and better. 

And for everything that I studied and integrated to improve any area and aspect of my life, I got better. My body got better. My health improved. Low self-esteem changed to that of being confident. I de-cluttered my monkey mind. I feel more space. Less emotional and dramatic. I finally tapped into my capacities as an energetic healer. 

I started to ask questions. I became more aware.

These changes and what I saw as inspired by anything I studied (modality, method, technique) I applied to my coaching and facilitation practice. What worked for me and what I was passionate about and practicing on in my life, I applied to my work in service for others. This what makes me good at it- I lived it, I am still living it and I am practicing it.

What if the key to true happiness is living your life as an adventure of your choosing?


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