Meet Junaline 


Speaker, author, entrepreneur, empowerment coach, Junaline Bañez-Moussi is a seasoned traveller and global citizen who invites you to truly embrace your unique capacity and create the adventure of living you truly desire! 


Hi, I'm Junaline!

Born in the Philippines, raised in Canada, and having worked most of my adult life abroad in countries such as Japan, Mexico and Oman, I’m a truly adventurous spirit with a unique and expansive perspective on life, living, business and relationships.  During my 14-year career as an English as a Foreign Language teacher, I also achieved recognition for my contribution to international educational and humanitarian programs.

I’m also a seeker on the path of self-discovery.  Choosing to live as an expat for most of my adult life, I’ve faced full-on the challenges of never truly ‘fitting’ in, struggles with dating and relationships, and dealing with low self-esteem and lack of confidence – even whilst making amazing connections and fulfilling so many of my dreams!


I was prone to depression and also had addictive and obsessive-compulsive behaviors, using nicotine, alcohol, sex and food to band-aid these behaviours. I judged myself a lot, for not being good enough to attract my ‘soulmate’, for not being business savvy, for my body being a certain way. I had many insecurities. After a lot of soul-searching, and finally being done with self-criticism and the frustrating pattern of choosing relationships that never seemed to work out, I began wondering… what else was truly possible?

I sought self-help books, yoga, meditation, different personal development techniques, mind-body modalities and even life coaching. I became increasingly interested in energy healing and energy work as I discovered that I am more than my body. That everything is energy.  I explored and became qualified in self-development modalities that gave me insights and new perspectives on myself and my body including Quantum Touch, NLP, Theta Healing, Yoga, Nia®, NVC (Non-Violent Communication), – just to name a few!   And for everything that I studied and integrated to improve any area and aspect of my life, I got better. My body got better. My health improved. I became confident. I de-cluttered my monkey mind. I felt more space and became less emotional and dramatic. I finally tapped into my capacities as an energetic healer. I started to ask questions. I became more aware.

In 2013, I came across Access Consciousness®, an ever-expanding set of tools designed to let go of judgment and empower you to choose and create what truly works for you! I became a Certified Facilitator of Access Consciousness and have since included these phenomenal tools in my coaching and empowerment practice. I was the first Access Consciousness facilitator in the Middle East, introducing the tools of Access Bars in Lebanon and Jordan. I’m also the first Access 3-Day Body Class facilitator in the Middle East. I’m a true trailblazer, continuously facilitating and creating classes and events for the communities in Lebanon and worldwide.


In addition, I’m trained as a  Vision Board® Coach, Women’s Temple Group Facilitator,  Nia® Teacher, Creatively Fit®Coach and Points of You® Trainer. All these trainings contribute to my knowledge and experience in facilitating my clients and students to transformation and empowerment.

In 2019, I published my popular book, "Dating for Expats: The Fab, Hot & Single Woman’s Handbook to Finding Love", sharing my personal challenges of dating and finding love, and the tools I used to change them and create a relationship that works for me.

I now facilitate workshops for change, growth and inspiration worldwide, and live an adventurous life of infinite possibilities in Lebanon with my husband, Roberto

What if the key to true happiness is truly living your life as an adventure of your choosing?


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