Upcoming Events

Access Bars® Certified Practitioner Training with Junaline
Edmonton, Canada
September 30
Being Your Voice
3-Day Workshop with Junaline
Mexico City, Mexico
October 6-8
Access Energetic Facelift with Junaline
Edmonton, Canada
October 14
Access Foundation Class with Junaline
Casablanca, Morocco
November 20-23
Access 3-Day Body Class with Junaline
Casablanca, Morocco
November 24-26

Free Events

Global Energy Pulls

Join me monthly or bi-monthly for free Energy Pull sessions! Energy Pulls, as powerful tools of Access Consciousness® teach you to work with the universe and you learn how to move energy through the universe in different ways to rearrange the molecules to bring you what you desire. The language of energy is what you need to understand in order to create the life you desire. Whatever you are asking for to change, what you desire as your future, whatever it is you'd like in your life – let's create that with Energy Pulls!

30x30 Clearing Fiesta


Welcome to 30 Days of OUT OF CONTROL Clearing Fiesta with ME, Junaline!
What can you BE or DO to change things? What if you BEING YOU can change the world?
Hard to believe? Maybe... just maybe, you might be a control freak controlling everything in your life and therefore judging yourself for not creating the life you desire, the YOU that you'd like to BE?
I invite you to 30 days of saying an Access Consciousness verbal clearing process of being out of control. For 30 days, I will go on Facebook LIVE to say this clearing. The timings will be different on some days. It is a challenge for me too, and I'd like to see what we can change and co-create together with this magic!
What is a fiesta? It means "party" in Spanish. Well I'd like for us to have a clearing party and have fun doing this challenge together!


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